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What do I do?

First of all - stop and read through this before touching a fawn

Never assume when you see a fawn in the wild alone he is motherless. Moms will leave their young hidden while they head off to feed and could be gone for 4-5 hours at a time. If you come across a fawn laying quietly between sunrise and sunset leave it be! A mom will do her best to hide her fawn but that doesn't mean you may not stumble on one. You can observe from a distance keeping all pets inside to see if the mother returns.

Any doubts, call us!

If you find a fawn that is harms way (i.e. middle of the road) you can gently move the fawn to a safer location nearby. A mother will not abandon her fawn due to a human scent (common myth). If you have a towel or sheet handy you can use that to minimize your scent on the fawn for its safety from predators.  Only do this if the fawn is in immediate harms way.   If the fawn gets up and starts to run *do not chase it*. This can lead to capture myopathy which can be fatal to a deer.  

Any doubts, call us!

If you observe a fawn

- injured -

- malnourished/dehydrated* -

- laying on its side with legs sprawled out -

- in the same spot for more than a day -

- showing signs of distress -

- next to a deceased doe -

- covered in fleas and ticks -

call us right away so we can walk through the scenario and see if a rescue is needed. The above signs can be indicator the fawn is alone and needs help. Whatever you do, do NOT attempt to feed a fawn. Fawns need a specialized diet or it can lead to diarrhea which can be deadly. 

*There is a common phrase out there "Ears are straight, fawn is great. Ears are curled, fawn alone in the world." Earls curled can mean a fawn has not eaten in a couple of days and is a good sign it needs help. But don't mistaken a fawn with straight ears as being perfectly healthy. We have had fawns come in dehydrated needing subq fluids and ears were straight and perky! 

Any doubts, call us!

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