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Mike, dad, Army Vet and retired Police Officer with Charlotte, has always had a love for wildlife. Growing up in Ohio on many acres of land, his youth was spending countless hours outside and encountering all sorts of animals.

From jumping down storm drains to save fawns to administering  medicine to the sick to building and maintaining the outside enclosures, Mike is truly passionate about helping all the residents of Happy Tails and is already wanting to include new types of animals.



Christin grew up on Long Island, NY and has really enjoyed learning what "country" is all about living on a chunk of land and having a wild life rehab! She is a mom and also employed at Bank of America. She has had various pets over her life and has always had a soft spot for animals.

Christin monitors social media, researches the best tips for fawn care, keeps our log books updated and makes sure we have the right equipment on hand! She will also spend countless hours with intakes that refuse to suckle from a bottle. Since becoming a mother it has given her the knack for feeding even the most stubborn of mouths! And much patients! 


Little Helper

This little boy is growing up to be such a great rehab helper! Parker is 5 years old and when he's not in school or playing on his 4wheeler he is helping his mom and dad out by holding bottles and grabbing a paper towel roll when we run out mid potty time! 

Mike and Christin are thrilled their son has an interest in the animals and appreciate the extra set of hands, as tiny as they may be!

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